What sets us apart?

What makes MOPS Garage Cleaning System better when compared to traditional power sweeping & pressure washing?

State of the art parking garage cleaning

Here at MOPS Cleaning we use our state-of-the-art equipment and training to care of your maintenance & cleaning needs. Our all-in-one, Ride On power sweeper and washing unit, the Tennant M20 Automatic, is a high-performance cleaning system with dust control and a multipurpose wash deck made for all surfaces; your porous or rough concrete, polished or power troweled concrete, ceramic and VCT tile, industrial poured flooring, seamless urethane flooring and your basic asphalt drives. We can estimate the cost of service to your unique property circumstances, based on environmental water disposal, debris removal and general access where applicable. We can work around any cars left in the facilities or garages. The Tenant M20’s close to zero turn radius allows for easy access and maneuverability.

In our process of cleaning we use an environmentally friendly solution to aid in the removal of any products that may be left on the surface of the floor. Understanding that no guarantee is given for the complete removal of stains and or petroleum products set into the flooring by any of these occurrences. Optionally, we can care for larger oil & gas spills using dry-ez products. The M20 with its pre sweeping process allows for dirt and debris to be collected and disposed of in the containment of the Tennant M20 cleaning hopper. Traditionally this service would have you needing to cover all fire detection sensors, to cover CO2 sensors, to change over environmental system filters after dust has been filtered through the air from the sweeping process. All vertical surfaces would be covered with a fine dust, and any personal items left in the garage storage areas would be left dirty as well. Not to mention the dust left on vehicles that were not able to be moved from the facility. Our service nearly eliminates all of this in our all-in-one cleaning process. And while pressure washing in confined areas causes issues with high humidity and drainage problems using 100’s of gallons of water, the M20 lays down and picks up all of its own water and disposes of it off site. The benefits of our Tennant M20 Cleaning system are made to care for your facility in such a way that no other company has to offer.


  • Sweep, Wash & Dry in 1 Pass
  • Nearly Dust Free Process
  • Minimal Down Time -30K sq. ft in 3 hours typically.
  • Facility Environmental Systems Protected
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Process
  • No Humidity Issues
  • No Drain Clogging or Back Up’s of Dry Drains

Traditional Power Sweeping & Pressure Washing

  • Multi-day process of sweeping & pressure washing
  • Creates an extreme amount of dust
  • Clogs all sensors, filters, and walls with dust film
  • Potential for fire alarms being triggered from dust.
  • Spiked humidity levels in facility & Potential mold concerns
  • Water and drain backups.
  • Potential water & dirt damage to finished walled surfaces

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